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OSCE training and support

OSCE training

Dedicated OSCE training will be provided over a five week period. OSCE training will be facilitated by the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) Academy (also known as learning and development). This will be at the Trust’s dedicated on-site OSCE training facility.

Training will take the form of theory and practice. This will be a combination of face to face, self-directed as well as online learning. The five-week period of study will ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for training, revisions, and a mock exam to maximise exam readiness.

Before starting your OSCE training, during the welcome week, you will have a Microsoft Teams session with the OSCE team. They will provide an overview of what your OSCE training programme will look like.

The international recruitment team will book your OSCE exam, travel to the exam and accommodation (where required). They will support you to travel to the OSCE exam too.

OSCE support

You will receive a comprehensive post Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) registration support plan. Once you have fully registered with the NMC, you will benefit from a preceptorship programme and be offered a transitional course which focuses on UK mental health nursing practices.

You will also benefit from our international recruitment practice development nurse (PDN) who will provide clinical supervision. You will meet with your supervisor quite a lot in the first few months and once you are more settled, you will be provided with supervision every four to six weeks in line with Trust policy. You will also be provided with management supervision, which is in line with Trust policy.

We value the skills and experience you are bringing to the Trust, and we want to celebrate and utilise them. There are many programmes and training opportunities in the Trust which focus on career development, interview skills and application writing, which you will have equal access to.

The pastoral support officer and international recruitment coordinator will also meet with you regularly to check that you are settling into your life in the UK.